Up Up and Away

Well, it’s just over 12 hours until my flight takes off. I’m pretty nervous, but I think everything is done and I’m just about ready. The bag is packed and there are only a couple of items to put into it tomorrow morning. All computer arrangements are taken care of, I hope.

This is the longest holiday I’ve ever been on, and by far the most ambitious. The sheer distances involved, along with all these places I only know from reputation, have me pretty scared, to be honest. I’m hoping it’ll be cathartic; while I’ve been a bit better over the past couple of weeks there’s still a huge Kate-shaped hole inside me, and it hurts to look into. I hope it’ll ease over the next five weeks. Nod and I have so much planned! There shouldn’t really be a dull moment. I will undoubtedly end up spending more than I intended 🙂 I’m using a fair chunk of my savings to pay for this, but what the hell. These opportunities don’t come up very often. I’m also reevaluating my aims and goals, and will probably be changing things drastically once I get back, so this is very much a turning point. I seem to spend way too much time wondering what I’ll think of myself when I look back in the future. That’s a dumb attitude. It even implies that it’s impossible to second-guess myself, yet I do it anyway! I’m determined to live, not necessarily for the moment, but with less introspection and more extroversion. It should be great.

I’m back on October 11th – the itinerary can be found here. I hope to post the occasional blog entry, but I honestly can’t say for sure. I’m much more likely to post on www.nodster.co.uk/roadtrip.

First stop: Boston. Boston’s full of history: the American revolution started there. Harvard and MIT are nearby. It’s meant to be beautiful. But do you know what I’m looking forward to most? Cheers 🙂

I’ll see you all once I get back. Thanks for reading.