It’s Friday!

I have one more question to do on my astrobiology paper and then I’m free! I’m getting up early tomorrow to get it out of the way, then I’ve got to really start thinking about America. There are a very large number of things yet to organise, and it’s 7hrs 13mins until I leave. Blimey.

Btw, from all the evidence I’ve seen to date, Tiscali suck. If you know anyone thinking of signing up with Tiscali (who took over Lineone), don’t. Wanadoo (Freeserve) is the way to go. Tiscali, amongst other things, appear to have broken their email forwarding system to the extent that the very small percentage of emails that make it to their destination arrive at least two days late. The rest simply vanish. They also appear not to be able to deal with the infamous blank email spam, which (admittedly in combination with some other unknown factor, as it doesn’t happen on all computers) breaks the connection and never lets you download any email via POP3 until you go in via some web-based method and delete it. Wanadoo, on the other hand, have never once caused me any problems at all. They use standard Windows methods of dialling up, too, unlike Tiscali who insist on installing proprietary kak.

Wow. Where did that come from? I spent three hours working on nutso email problems earlier today, but thought I was over it. Apparenty I was wrong. Had to happen one day.

I’m just getting into the Olympics. Shame it finishes on Sunday…Other than the boxing, which I completely and totally despise, I’ve enjoyed watching most of the events. Admittedly dressage is a major contender for most-ridiculous-idea-in-history, but each to their own. I like the fencing, archery, badminton, table tennis, long jump, running…pretty much everything, really. The sailing’s not the most exciting sport to watch, but Suzi Perry does the interviews, which makes up for it 🙂 It’s nice having the tv on and being able to wander in and see what’s happening.

Oh I nearly forgot. Dad was on Midlands Today…er…today, being interviewed about the Inland Waterways Festival, of which he’s chairman. He only had a quick soundbite, but it was quite cool.

In hindsight the snippet of conversation I posted yesterday could be misinterpreted. I’d like to point out that I was the perfect gentlemen throughout, and my question was as a result of the picture next to the chatbox – I was wondering how intelligent she was. So there. It would seem I can’t even flirt with computer-generated women. Hmm, that didn’t quite go the way I intended.

Right, I’m off to watch a West Wing then it’s bedtime. Night!