What Else What Else

I saw Waking the Dead last night…I think I must have missed something. I’m not sure it made much sense. Still, Trevor Eve’s cool.

If anyone can tell me how to calculate the density parameter for matter and the density parameter for dark energy without any knowledge of the current density of matter / dark energy, do let me know. I thought my first exam paper would be easy…and I’ve been stuck on this question for two days now đŸ™‚ Hopefully my tutor will give me a helping hand.

I read How The Mind Works recently, and would thoroughly recommend it to anybody with an interest in human behaviour / the brain generally. It was absoloutely fascinating, second only to The Blind Watchmaker in terms of exclaim-out-loud cool knowledge, and written in a very accessible way for cognitive science newbies like me. It allowed me to get much more of a grip on why people behave as they do. That’s not to say that just because behaviour is ‘natural’ that it is in some way excusable, in fact there’s a whole section devoted to the link, or lack of, between science and morality, but it at least helps to give an understanding, which is never a bad thing. As with any popular science book that mentions evolution (an idea that anyone with any sense and lack of religious convictions knows is 100% true while the opposite know is 100% false) the Amazon customer reviewers have some bizarre views, which, meiner unmassgeblichen Meinung nach, you should ignore.