Blog Software Upgrade

I upgraded the software that runs this blog last weekend. It fixed a couple of problems, but I’m still having trouble with ‘rebuilding’ pages with my custom template. I asked my hosts about this and they said the script is exceeding its memory limit and is being shut down. I don’t know if there’s a way round that atm. If you see any older pages looking strange then that’s probably the cause. The other major change I’ve made is to the commenting system. As it stands at the moment you need a typekey account to have your comment appear straight away. All other comments will be held until I approve them. I’m sorry to have to do it that way, it’s just that the insane amount of comment spam was driving me nuts. Trouble is, it all still arrives, but now I have to check it all for proper posts! I’ve definitely got things wrong somewhere 🙂 Getting a typekey account will enable you to post on any website with a typekey commenting system (which, given movable type’s popularity, will be a fair few), so in my opinion it’s worth doing.