Doing Better

Today’s been a bit better than the last few days, thankfully. I phoned the doctors this morning to make an appointment about my ear and was told they couldn’t fit me in until next Monday. So…I may have done something you’re not meant to do involving the ear canal, a small syringe and some ear drop fluid. Worked tho. At the risk of giving you way too much information, much fizzling occured and then large quantities of gross stuff slowly leaked out. I can now hear again! Woohoo!

I un-and-re-installed Doom 3, and that’s now working too. Ish. I’ve tried it twice, and the sound’s cut out on me once. So we’ll see how it goes…Still, the game looks pretty good in 640 x 480 and ‘low’ texture mode, thankfully.

Seeing all the A-level students reminded me of three years ago. I was a drama queen, but it was an entertaining day watching all my friends get great results and sorting out their university places etc.. Made me miss Kate a lot though 🙁

I’m looking at cameras as I’m going to need one for America, as well as time to get used to it…I have my eye on one, but I’m not sure whether I can justify the price. I’d need to get serious about my photography were I to buy it. Well, not serious like professional, but I’d need to really try to use it and improve my skills. I’m still amazed that nobody’s handed in my old camera. I just cannot see how it could have been stolen without Ben or I noticing. I’d love to know.