You’re Being Fooled

Floods? Bah. I don’t believe it. I haven’t seen any rain. Seriously. There was some drizzle yesterday but nothing since. It’s been scorching here, how can there be floods? I’m told it all actually happened in the 2hrs I was underground yesterday evening, but I think that’s a fib. All those pictures of submerged cars are fabrications, I tell you! What with this and one of the terrorist suspects being arrested a mile away from my current location, I’m beginning to think I’m a portent of doom.

Were I at home and able to think properly, I’d pay my respects to Cartier-Bresson, who died on Monday. He was one of the first photographers to take candid shots on the street, and his style has influenced generations. I learnt about him during my A-level, and remember thinking he was pretty cool. To be honest, I couldn’t have told you he wasn’t dead already, but given that he really is I’d recommend checking out a few of his images. likely have a proper obituary by now. When you look at his photos remember that nobody had done anything like it before. I always thought that they showed people naturally, and – with the early ones particularly – unlike so many images and film of the time you can see that these are real people just like us, with the same hopes, fears and dreams. He always seemed to capture a mood extremely well, from what I remember. In possibly the worst tribute you’ll find, here’s a street shot of my own from this afternoon. Hopefully you can make out what’s going on.