Service Interruptions

My website hosting company had one of their servers die on them yesterday, and t’would seem it was, happily, my one. So my index file needs re-uploading, something nigh on impossible to do from here. Oh well, hopefully you’ve found this anyway. The last post was written in the park but has only just gone through, so isn’t as timely as it could have been. He didn’t get it 🙂

I had a hell of a time getting back to my uncle’s flat today. London’s transportation network died, pretty much just when I needed it. It should take 20mins, but instead took 3 and a half hours! It wasn’t just sitting around either, i’ll write a long and laborious post if I have time explaining how I got trapped by a river of people, then managed to take the world’s biggest trip back to where I started, then confused a perfectly nice man by being nuts. Still, it distracted me, which is what I’m here for.