Yesterday Was Friday!

Last week I saw that two stars of CSI had been sacked for breach of contract. George Eads and Jorja Fox (Nick and Sarah in the show) didn’t turn up to the first day of filming and the story at the time was that they were demanding more money. This was a shame, as CSI’s never been the type of show that could easily lose characters. The personal plotlines move very slowly. Seasons don’t end with will-they-live-or-die cliffhangers. While the weekly stories are obviously greater than reality, the core characters themselves always seem pretty normal. Hence the reason they’re not placed in life-threatening situations on a weekly basis, and if they ever are they tend to teact as ‘real people’ would and the repurcussions are felt for many more episodes. It’s also been the same cast from day one through to the end of series four. So it was disappointing news.

Today, though, I see that both have been reinstated! I don’t know whether the studio was using shock tactics, or whether, as other news stories stated, at least one of the actors simply overslept. I’m glad it’s been resolved, though 🙂