It’s Friday!

One of the most impressive optical effects I’ve seen in quite a while can be found here (I downloaded the program and it seems fine.) One of the most bloody annoying is here. Took me an hour.

Why is it that during political investigations the leader of the investigation is beyond reproach, but as soon as they report no poitical wrongdoing they’re completely untrustworthy and obviously biased? Obviously I’m referring to specific events here, but this happens every single time, to politicians from every party. Why do the media and public think they know better than people who’ve spent months in a full-time investigation? I’m not saying that the conclusions drawn are always correct (how the hell would I know), but the arrogance of the ignorant is a continual source of amazement to me. Incidentally, the Butler report criticised a hell of a lot of governmental methods, but all anyone seems to care about is that Tony Blair wasn’t singled out for blame. Geez.

Aaaaaanyway, enough politics. Except to say that it’s nice to see that scum treated like they deserve.

Ok, I’m done now.

Oh, by the way, if anyone wants to invite me to Comic-Con, I’d be perfectly happy to have your babies or something. Well, actually an invite and me actually attending is what I require. Not just an invite. No. No babies for you.

For the remainder of my post, may I, ahem, point you somewhere else.