Cinematographical Coolness

CSI and CSI:Miami have always oozed class, but the episode of Miami I just saw surpassed itself. There’s a new series of CSI starting next year set in New York, and this episode was a lead-in. Horatio followed a murderer to NYC and hooked up with the local CSI unit, headed by Gary Sinise (I dunno his character name yet πŸ™‚ ). The episode was cool in many ways, but what particularly impressed me was the switchover.

The original CSI are the night-unit, and the style of the show is based around the saturated neon lights of Vegas. Miami has always had a orange hue: deep orange sun passes through wooden slats onto crime scenes; the city streets are basked in evening light; bronzed bodies on the beach frolick at dusk silhouetted in bright sunsets.. The moment Horatio arrived in NYC the whole style of the episode changed to blues and greys. The shots were full of detail, as befits the New York streets and thousand-window buildings. The colour was much less saturated and the tone slightly grittier. Twas masterfully done. Oh, and the plot was as satisfying as CSI almost always is.

I don’t just watch TV shows for the style, but I do admire it when effort has obviously been put in, and in this it’s really paid off. In my opinion, anyway. As a lead-in, it’s worked for me πŸ™‚