Probably the only sporting occasion I actually look forward to is going on right now. I really enjoy watching Wimbledon and have been known to take afternoons off work to watch matches. Something weird happened a couple of hours ago, though. Venus Williams lost her match. This is pretty odd in itself, given that she and her sister have dominated the women’s tennis world for the past three years, but in the final tie break the umpire made a mistake. And nobody noticed. The tie-break score was 2-1 and Karoline Sprem had the serve. She faulted, and the linesman, as ever, shouted ‘out’. The umpire then declared it 2-2. Nobody seemed to notice this. Karolina then served for a second time, to the same side of the court (which you wouldn’t do had you won the point), and again nobody said anything. Karolina then proceeded to win the tie break and the match. I don’t know whether the commentators noticed, but it’s really odd that the players, linespeople, crowd and umpire all missed it. Anyway, the result stands as the umpire’s word is final once the match is ended. Venus Williams said afterwards: “I don’t think one call makes a match.” That’s nicely sporting, and nice to see in my opinion.

I had a USB 802.11b adapter rushed to me after yesterday’s unpleasant discovery (I don’t know whether there are any 802.11g USB adapters compatible with win98, actually) and on setting it all up detected a completely unsecured network that I presume was in a nearby building. I should hack into their computers and leave a note with my charges for fixing it 🙂