From the Ground Up

Sorry for the recent lack of updates; as I mentioned on Friday we’ve been rearranging the office, and just to make things even more fun I took the opportunity to reinstall Windows at the same time. Coupled with setting up the wireless router, drilling holes in walls, building new desks, rerouting cables and trying to find a good vantage point for Sully, all while the kitchen’s being rebuilt, it was a manic weekend.

The WRT54G is now set up and running ok, thankfully. Yep, that’s a WRT54G. I ordered the 54GS and they sent me a 54G with a 54GS label and barcode on the outer packaging. I sent this back, and they replaced it with exactly the same thing. I gave up – there wasn’t a fat lot of difference anyway. My sister’s new computer was originally going to be in a different room, hence the wirelessnessness, but as it turned out is now only two metres away from the router. Still, the signal strength is ‘excellent’ 🙂 It does seem to drop every so often, though, for reasons I haven’t yet figured out. It’s hopefully tight security-wise, as I’ve got some pretty strict filtering and encryption set up. Disappointingly, I could detect no other wireless networks within range to attempt to hack into. Ah well.

As I mentioned above, I reinstalled Windows over the weekend as my system was grinding to a halt. Things are much more smooth now: windows starts up in a reasonable amount of time; shutdown doesn’t take 2.5mins; I have >150mb of ram free during general usage as compared to 40mb before; everything just runs that much faster. It’s been 16 months since I last installed Windows, and given how much I mess around with the internal workings it’s impressive it survived this long, really!