It’s Friday!

And it’s Kate’s last day in York! Woohoo!

I have to move my desk around the office shortly. Unfortunately, my desk is just about at the stage where I start to think about tidying it, but don’t get round to actually doing it for another fortnight. So it’s going to be a mess.

As a matter of interest, has anyone had a problem with PCI cards only being recognised as “early pci non-VGA” devices? I put a wireless network card into a reasonably old win98 computer earlier today and it just wouldn’t recognise the thing, despite the drivers definitely being correct. I tried changing the pci slot, older drivers and even upgrading to win98se, but no joy. I had to leave at this point, and can’t go back until late next week. I tried a cursory google search that turned up little, but haven’t had a good go at diagnosing the problem yet. Just wondering if it’s something anyone’s come across…