Democratic Crossings

I just headed down to the polling station and there was a large queue!

Queue for Voting

Wasn’t expecting that. This being Dorridge, chances are I just spent half an hour surrounded by Conservatives! Ack, I haven’t been inoculated!

[a quick shower later]

Apparently people aren’t mean to talk about who they vote for. Don’t see why; screw that, I say 🙂

I was at a client’s until 8 and didn’t know whether I’d be back in time to vote. Thankfully I did: there were BNP candidates! Also listed were various numerous UK Independence Party…how shall I put this, ah yes: wankers. I’ve heard people say that none of the parties represent them, so they don’t vote. Maybe so, but when there are people you definitely don’t want in power then it’s still worth doing. There were two slips, one for the local councillor elections and one for the European elections. On the former you were allowed to vote for up to three candidates (apparently there’s more than one seat per area) so I voted for Claire and the Labour candidate. The European elections were party based, so I voted Labour.