It’s All About Me

I have returned! Amazingly, that was my last visit to see Kate in York. This time next week she’ll be back home for goodish! We went to see Harry Potter as well as The Day After Tomorrow, both of which I enjoyed very much. Hermione kicks ass, incidentally 🙂 We also did a bit of shopping – I bought a large pile of books that will take me forever to get through, but should be most entertaining.

I came home to find a pleasantly sized City Link parcel waiting for me. Inside should have been a Linksys WRT54GS, and that is indeed what the Insight label says, but the product is actually a WRT54G. There’s not a lot of difference between the two, but given the tiny price difference I went for the faster version when ordering. I’d keep the WRT54G, but I don’t want to have it fail in a couple of months then have to convince them I had the wrong thing in the first place. Unfortunately it was, and still is, a special order, so I shouldn’t think there’ll be a terribly fast turnaround. Never mind.

Did anyone listen to the Jonathan Ross show a week last Saturday? I think I’m going to sue. He’s stealing my personality. Firstly, last month he bought himself a bubble car. Despite the very best efforts of Ben to dissuade me, this has been an ambition of mine for many years. As more evidence, I present to you the following exchange, during an interview with psychological illusionist Derren Brown:

Jonathan: We’ve had you here for ages and you haven’t done any magic. Sooo, tell me what I’m thinking right now.
Derren: Monkeys
Jonathan: Spot on! That was too quick, though! You’re meant to at least take the news to figure it out. Andy, you try. What am I thinking about?
Andy: Fish
Jonathan: Correct! Astonishing!

Now, if that isn’t grounds for a lawsuit I don’t know what is.