It’s (a bank holiday weekend) Friday!

I was invited to team up in City of Heroes earlier. This hadn’t happened before, so I wasn’t entirely sure of the procedure. I accepted the invitation and immediatedly embarrassed myself by getting stuck in auto-run mode and disappearing off down the street in the wrong direction (the chat window had focus due to a half-completed sentence, and my mad-clicking just opened up more windows to confused things further). Then, when we started an ‘instanced’ mission – one in which a special area is opened just for your team – I got a phone call! Not wanting to look even more stupid, I continued playing while talking, and I think I pulled it off without saying / doing anything wrong…Still, I wouldn’t like to do that again! After completing the mission we headed off to ‘Perez Park’ – a dangerous area I hadn’t visited before. It quickly became apparent that we weren’t going to be able to cope with just the two of us, so my teammate, as leader of the team, started inviting others. He had no luck, so asked if I’d like to be leader. Given that I’d never even been in a team before, you’d think I would pass on this. But nooooo.

I managed to talk a few others into joining and we soon headed off into the park, promptly encountering a group of marauding ‘skulls’. The ensuing fight nearly killed my graphics card, but went ok with minimal loss of health. We then merged with a team who had come along to help and they asked me to continue as leader. Feeling full of myself, I led them into another group, who were again quickly despatched (dispatched?). I then quickly moved onto a group of monsters, but my team weren’t quite ready and said monsters pummelled me into supermush. So I had to lie there on the ground, unconscious, while the other heroes exterminated the baddies, until I could use my ‘awaken’ one-shot power that leaves you disoriented and unable to move for 20 seconds. Sheepishly, I apologised and we moved on into a park clearing. Here we found a veritable army of monsters at least two levels higher than our most powerful team member, and within minutes I and three others were dead while the remaining heroes tried in vain to fight off a group that had almost double their number. I had no ‘awaken’ this time, so had to activate the hospital teleporter. I made my way back but didn’t even make it to the battlezone. At this point I apologised and quit the team.

So, I was crap at leadership…However, they were all more powerful than me, and I’d never done it before today. And besides, it was bloody good fun! Nobody had a go at me or anything, they were actually all very friendly. I shall just have to practice more 🙂 This game rocks!