It’s Friday!

A physicist by profession, Darfeyn Quinn was experimenting with artificial Dark Matter when a swarm of neutrinos from a nearby supernova caused it to multiply and swarm towards any nearby metallic objects. A steel plate from a childhood accident attracted the particles into his brain, and he soon realised that his fate did not lie with science. Darfeyn found he had the ability to manipulate water molecules by thought alone! Combining this with his technological abilities he became a SUPERHERO, fighting injustice and evildoers on the streets of Paragon City, as well as affording him the opportunity to wear cool hats.

In case you haven’t guessed, I treated myself to City of Heroes on Wednesday, and so far it’s fantastic! Darfeyn is my first attempt at a hero – you can have 8 per server, and there are 10 servers – and he’s already saved a fair few citizens from muggings and other terrible fates. There are rumours that he stupidly took on more bad guys than he could handle and subsequently had to be revived in hospital, but that’s a smear campaign put about by jealous anti-heroes.

Creating your hero is so much fun it’s scary. You first choose an origin (science, mutation, magic, natural or…er…something else) and an archetype that defines the kind of powers you have (basically just offensive, defensive or a mixture). After choosing a body type – male, female or ‘huge’ (a very large male figure) – you get to design the costume. The sheer range of possiblities is staggering. You can customise pretty much every part of your hero’s body and costume, with a very wide range of possiblities that are actually all quite good. Few are silly, and you frequently find yourself having to adapt other body parts to accommodate a pleasant discovery elsewhere. The colours are also completely customisable. You can’t have a cape, which is a shame (the developers operate a ‘if we can’t do it right we don’t do it at all’ policy and want capes to flow properly and look good rather than just being static – there are rumours they’ll be introduced in a future upgrade) but apart from that you are really only limited by your imagination. Once you’re happy with your costume you move onto the hardest part of the entire game: thinking up a name. Darfeyn’s scientific background lead helped me to come up with his, but I can see how one could struggle for hours! You can also enter a ‘battle cry’ and origin if you like. Once this is done, you’re ready to enter Paragon City.

I’m not going to say anything more as to be honest I haven’t got much further in the limited time I’ve had to play. I will undoubtedly be boring you with more details in the future! If anyone else gets the game (please 🙂 ) Darfeyn is on the ‘Infinity’ server – you’d need to register on this if you want to meet up as heroes can’t move server (yet). CoH is $49.99 to download, which is about £28 atm, plus $14.99 a month. The developers have said that major upgrades will be released every two months, so providing you enjoy the game you should get your money’s worth. It is still possible to buy online, despite the main link being removed from the PlayNC website. You need to register an account then select the ‘Purchase Code’ option. The CoH client is a 900mb download, plus a few updates once installed.

I can’t fly yet, dammit. Must work on that.