It’s Friday!

It’s Friday and Kate’s on the train home as I type. Woohoo!

I finally saw Kill Bill last night and it was quite simply a joy. Mind you, I’m pretty much the epitome of the target audience. I’ve seen complaints about the level of violence and it is indeed staggeringly bloodthirsty. I tend to have a moderate toleration for violence – I didn’t like Reservoir Dogs for that reason – but after a few minutes I just started thinking of it as a cartoon, which I think is the intended perspective. Then it didn’t bother me any more. Of course nobody actually thinks it’s cool to chop people’s limbs off, but when it’s done in a ridiculously over the top fashion, without trying to be profound or meaningful, then it can be quite amusing. People differ, though, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend the film to anybody squeamish or, without being condescending, young. I only say this because violence used to get into my head and upset me when I was younger. American Psycho and The Devil’s Advocate were particularly horrible in this regard, but I saw the latter recently and was fine with it. I think I’m just more grown up and can deal with it now.

I would, however, recommend Kill Bill without hesitation to anybody interested in what I’ll call the art of film. I’ve always seen style as a virtue, and this film simply radiates style. Almost every shot would make a great photograph, and the fusion of music, beautiful locations, dramatic lighting and positively balletic fight scenes was, as I said, a joy to watch. The film is full of wonderful cinematic moments that I’d never seen before, much like the first time I saw Donnie Darko (I’ve seen it twice since). Uma Thurman seems a perfect pratagonist: continually hovering over the fine line between too serious and too silly, she oozes cool at every moment.

That’s just me, though, and I know plenty of people for whom the last paragraph would make no difference whatsoever. In fact I probably sound very pretentious. I’m not claiming that everybody should enjoy these qualities, though, just that I do and, like I said, in that way I probably fit the intended audience. I would call it a stunning film experience, which isn’t what everybody wants. Everybody has a different perspective on films, and this is why reviews are so stupid, and why I don’t review films on this website (believe it or not, I do try not to in conversation, but am not always successful). I’ve made an exception for Kill Bill as it appealed so much to my personal tastes. So for goodness’ sake don’t listen to anything I say, just go see it if you fancy it and make your own mind up 🙂

Now, I simply must see Kill Bill Volume Two as soon as possible…