A Postpourii

So much to write, so little time.

Opera 7.5 is out, and I like it. It looks good, works quickly, renders pages properly (though freeserve.com no longer exists so I can’t test to see whether that particular bug has been fixed) and has many useful features. I’m slowly getting used to mouse gestures, and have customised various menus so that I can open pictures quickly in an editor / get to my bookmarks quickly / download with getright etc. It’s a shame that Opera is unlikely to ever support ActiveX, but it’s not like it’s unreasonable of MS not to want that! The email client is fast and effective (I use it for mailing lists) and the new IRC feature has got me into a chat room for the first time…well, ever! mIRC scares me, you see 🙂

It’s Eurovision this Saturday! Wooohooo! I like Eurovision 🙂 It’s just too funny. Terry Wogan’s insults crack me up (he was in trouble with Danish tabloids a few years back for describing the show’s presenters as “Dr Death and The Tooth Fairy”) and the various techniques employed by the singers to attract attention. Will the lyrics be somewhat odd? Or perhaps the lead singer will be dressed as a chimp. Will they go for the standard show-as-much-skin-as-possible? Or will they attempt, shock horror, to be classy? Equally amusing is the voting system. Proximity Democracy, I think it’s called. All in all, it’s a great evening’s entertainment.

I’ve finally reached a deal with the router formed in Lucifer’s zygote. I compromised by setting static IPs, and it decided, quite spontaneously, to work. I was still in trouble, though.

I upgraded my Tivo with a 120gb drive this evening, and so far everything seems to be going fine. I now have 40hrs of best-quality recording time, as opposed the 10 available before. The upgrade process was fairly painless; the biggest problem I had was configuring the jumpers of 4 drives so that they would all be available simultaneously. There was a fair bit of crawling around with a torch involved in that procedure. You have to boot from a linux boot cd, then run a few commands to backup and copy the data, as well as modifying the partition structure to take account of the newly available space. You also need to be very careful when taking the case off the Tivo; the power supply isn’t covered and touching a charged capacitor would result in Smoky Crispy Flavoured Wandwaver eBay auctions.

Oh yeah, do you remember the email disconnection problem I was having? Well, I still haven’t found an explanation, but upgrading from Outlook Express to Outlook fixes it.

And, finally, some breaking news that sounds fantastic! Firstly, Half-Life 2 multiplayer will be Counterstrike on the Source engine. Also, Half-Life 1 has been ported to the Source engine! More details.

Oh…do you know what 12 + 7 equals? Ho hum :)