Wanting to assure myself that this website is ok in the face of god, I ran it through The Gematriculator. It turns out that wongablog is 40% evil! Naturally I felt the need to analyse all my friends’ websites:

Lil’s LiveJournal – 26% evil — Contrary to all logic, it turns out that Lil is the least evil person amongst us. Gotta be a mistake.

Ed’s Blog – 32% evil — Also surprisingly low. You’d think they’d take into account the false idol penguins.

Lynsey’s Blog – 34% evil — To be expected, I suppose. They don’t know we never could find the budgie.

Nod’s Site – 41% evil — Finally somebody more evil than me! This could be related to his recent operating system massacre.

So there you have it. Perhaps Simon could run his local copy of Baguetter’s and let us know the score? If he doesn’t I’ll assume it’s in the high seventies and edit the post to reflect this fact 🙂