It’s Friday!

Nod and I have been thinking about taking a road trip in the USA this autumn, so I’ve been looking at car hire prices. Browsing the various rental company websites, it quickly becomes apparent that they’re not a lot of use. Some won’t calculate one-way trips (where you drop off the car at a different location), some won’t calculate more than 28 days, some won’t take into account second or ‘underage’ (under 25!) drivers and some just don’t work at all. The only site that could do everything was Alamo. I’ll certainly remember them! I crack myself up sometimes. Anyway, standard car rental for 34 days comes to £780. The one-way surcharge is £285. So far, not too bad when split between two people. Then, however, there’s the charge for two drivers under 25 – an extra £971. Geez. It’s $25 / day / person. I can understand the reasons, I suppose, it’s just irritating. I hadn’t anticipated spending £1000 just on renting the car!

I realised I haven’t mentioned the fact that many of you will be in the midst of revising for / taking finals atm, so good luck with all that. I was meant to be a millionaire by this point…crap! I’ll work a bit harder next week and get back to you.