No Tights For Me

I finished my OU assignment! Woohoo! The last part was a write-up of an experiment, which to be honest was a piece of cake given all the practice we had at those in school. Even better was that this had a word limit, so there was no need to waffle on for pages with the myriad of ways the experiment could be improved etc. Despite having finished, I have so far resisted the temptation to buy City of Heroes. I took a deep breath and forced myself to carry on playing Broken Sword 2, which as it happens I completed. I still didn’t buy CoH, but instead moved onto Runaway, which, so far, kicks ass. Adventure Game + point & click + great graphics + a good storyline (so far) = a happy Andrew. I had it shipped from the US a few weeks ago as it’s been continually delayed in this country. With the current exchange rate it was only £18 total, which is pretty cool.

Still…superheroes. I agree that it would be fun to play as a villain, but then you’d want PvP, which always causes problems. It’d suck if you were a newbie and some high-level villian kept killing you. The nature of the game is that you can be a hero at any point at any time, so you couldn’t really confine pvp to certain areas. You could impose limits on who could fight who, I suppose, but it’d get fairly limiting then.

Superheroes superheroes superheroes. UPDATE: This review, as with all I’ve read, seems to like it very much…