Shiny Happy Nuclear Reactions

I spent all afternoon working on my OU assignment, which consists of various questions regarding stars and their associated properties. One question asked me to calculate the radius of a binary system star via two different methods: one using data from an eclipse of one star by the other, and one using the temperature and luminosity. It took me a while to get the data into a reasonable format and figure out the equations. Eventually I plugged in all the numbers…and got two very different answers. Ugh. I hate that. Now I have to start from scratch and figure out where I went wrong. I’m still not particularly with it and seem to be progressing much more slowly than normal, which is irritating as it’s due in a week tomorrow. Once this question is complete I’ll be 50% done. I can’t believe I used to do this kind of thing three times a week. How the hell did I ever get a maths a-level?