dumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdumdum dum dumdum der DUMdee dee de da DUM!!!

I’m thinking that when I’ve finished with this assignment I might treat myself to City of Heroes. Yeah, it’s either expensive or just pointless, as you either have to pay monthly, or only play for the first free month you get with the game. But come on, you get to be a superhero!!!

This is number 4, Nailcia Road. And this is Andrew, the computer consultant who leads an exciting double life! For when Andrew sees a cat and slaps himself with a herring, an AMAZING TRANSFORMATION occurs! Andrew IS WANDWAVER!! EVER ALERT FOR THE CALL TO ACTION!!!

If you know me at all, it may not come as a huge surprise that this appeals hugely. Thing is, you can’t yet buy it in the UK (and maybe not ever, as they currently have no plans to launch it in Europe), so I’d have to get it online. Same price, but you don’t get a manual, map or the box, which I suppose I can live with. Seems a bit of a shame, though.

I have this fantasy of all my friends getting a copy and us forming a superhero league to fight crime and wear cool outfits (currently sans capes, sadly). This is highly unlikely to happen, but hey, I’m good at nagging 🙂