Many Graphics Drivers

The below is long, complicated and you don’t need to know it. Your time could undoubtedly be better spent. Read on at your own risk.

A few weeks I ordered the components for a client’s PC from The graphics card was a Geforce FX5200. I had a two week deadline to get it all built and ready. After a couple of days the client changed their mind as to the graphics card, so I sent an email to overclockers explaining that I needed to change the card to a 5700 Ultra, and would it be best, given the time constraints, to order this card separatly then return the original?

A few days later I got an email with an RMA no. Not what I’d been after, but whatever. Easter had got in the way, so it was now the Wednesday before the Saturday deadline. I ordered the 5700 Ultra from overclockers on the Wednesday morning, aiming to get the details sorted out later. By Thursday lunchtime they hadn’t shipped, so I ordered a card from Tekheads, who always despatch blisteringly fast. Both cards turned up on the Friday and I ended up using the Tekheads card as it had more features.

Last week I returned the two cards to overclockers. I made the mistake of not sending them an email to confirm what I’d done, which was a bit silly. This morning what arrives on my doorstep? Not, as you might expect, a 5700 Ultra, but a Geforce FX5200. With a delivery note saying “Problem description: corruptions. Desired action: replace”.

So bum. That’s what I say. Bum.