[Leaps onto Bandwagon]

As seen on Ed’s blog, I’m continuing the meme with my current book. Aptly, it’s by Richard Dawkins; it’s called Unweaving the Rainbow:

“have to confront the reality? Recruiting advertisments for the”

Not terribly exciting that one.

UPDATE: Dammit, my first proper meme post and I screw it up! As pointed out by Simon in the comments, I’m meant to post the fifth sentence, not line. That’ll teach me to post when exhausted. So, from the same book:

“Literary scholarship is in danger of becoming similarly undermined.”

Or, from the actual closest book to me (An Introduction to the Sun and Stars):

“With the aid of Wien’s displacement law it is a simple matter to determine the temperature of any source of light, provided that it is a black body source.”