Did I Miss Anything Exciting?

Sorry for the lack of postage yesterday, but I do have a good excuse this time. On Friday afternoon I went into hospital for an operation due to some pain I’ve been experiencing. It’s of a rather intimate nature, which I’m thinking is probably all the information you desire 🙂 I had the operation at 1700 on Friday and was due to come home on Saturday morning, but developed complications in the night. I essentially started bleeding internally, which while not as bad as it sounds did mean I had to have another operation yesterday afternoon. The doctor saw me this morning and I’m happy to say that everything is now sorted; I came home just before lunch. I need to take it easy for a couple of weeks (and try to avoid going up too many stairs!) and I’m not allowed to sign anything legally binding for 24 hours 🙂

Going under aneasthetic is an interesting experience. Both times I tried to remember as much as I could before falling asleep, but that isn’t much. After the first injection I felt myself getting drowsy, then there was a funny taste in my mouth. A second injection sent a numbness crawling up my arm, which I remember getting as far as my bicep. I kinda like the idea of being knocked out while people fix you. Having had operations before I knew I wasn’t going to be allergic to the anaesthetic and die, so it wasn’t particularly worrying. You go to sleep, and when you wake up, everything’s done! Kinda, anyway.

So I’m going to be resting up for at least a few days. I’ll be working from home like normal, but can’t really visit any clients for a bit. I’m under orders from Kate not to do too much work, which is great as it means I can catch up with the various free-time activities I’ve been falling behind on recently. So did I miss anything exciting? Anybody get engaged / have Nod’s baby / fall out of a tree onto a helpfully malleable old person?