Cookie Cutters

A few days ago there was a report claiming that most computers are infested with spyware. From my experience I’d agree with this. Any family with kids generally has at least one instance of ‘livesexcam’ running. I’m not sure where that particular gem originates, but I’d guess it must be one of the p2p programs. It’s too prevalent to actually come from porn sites, I think. However the report’s claim of each computer having an average of 27.8 instances of spyware is perhaps OTT, as it seems many of them are tracking cookies.

Now, I know that privacy advocates will claim that these are directly sent from the centre of hell to wreak a terrible tribulation unto the Earth, but frankly I don’t care about them. They don’t actually do any harm and compared with other examples of spyware that could be installed they’re relatively pleasant. Why do people get so worked up about cookies, anyway? Credit card companies, shops, banks, phone service providers, television services – they all track usage in a far more identifiable fashion, but you don’t hear people continually complaining about that. Just seems like another example of ‘the internet is evil’ to me.