I’m A Vandal!

I drove back from Kate’s last night at around 01:30. I turned into Kingscote Road and found various traffic cones strewn over the road. Given that:

A: They were in the way
B: People drive way too fast up that road
C: After 02:00 70% of drivers are over the legal alcohol limit (according to CSI)

I stopped the car and began moving them. Sometimes kids think it’s entertaining to put cones into the middle of the road, but it had been pretty windy so they could have just blown over. A question may be forming in your minds about now. Remember, though, that it was half past one in the morning and I wasn’t at my most alert! Thank god I don’t drink. Anyway, there were perhaps six or seven cones in the road, which I moved to the pavement.

At about the fifth or sixth cone, I realised that the last couple were in a straight line. Thinking about it, so had the last two I’d moved. Upon looking at the surface, it became clear that they were in the road for a purpose. The tarmac was visibly different on one third of the road. Thankfully, I’d been walking on it and hadn’t sunk; presumably you could walk but not drive on it. I couldn’t remember where I’d moved the cones from, so I left the remaining ones in place and drove away.

So I’m a vandal. In my defence, the first couple were definitely wrong as they were on their sides in the middle of the road – presumably moved by the wind. I wonder whether there are some confused residents this morning! Hopefully I won’t drive down there later and spot boot-shaped footprints in the tarmac 🙂