Two People Who KnowWhat They’re Doing

Twas a dark Wednesday evening, and inside a small Dorridge house I was watching Relocation Relocation.

Kirsty and Phil: This couple are looking for a country cottage, as well as a house in Birmingham. The latter needs easy access to the city centre, as well as heaps of character. They’ve got £70,000 to spend.

Me: Bwahahahaha. Not a hope.

Phil: So we’ve managed to find this lovely house with easy access to the city centre, bags of character too, and it’s on the market for £78,000 [Kirsty saved him £15k on the country cottage].

Me: [speechless]

Even I thought this house was nice, and I’m useless at stuff like that (just ask Kate.) How do they manage to find these places?! According to the website, ‘City Property 3’ was in Northfield. It’d probably help if I knew where that was. Nod, take note.