Happy Easter!

I’m alone in the house and I keep hearing people moving around upstairs. I’m really hoping it’s just next door having sex loudly or something. Well…I’m only kinda hoping that. In fact I take the whole thing back. Not that I want to be murdered by a mace-wielding psycho, you understand. Oh now I don’t know what I want…other than some Joosters.

I got two easter eggs today, and haven’t finished either of them! One of them is even a kit-kat chunky! That’s gotta be some kind of record. I should definitely win something. Awards, parties, ticker tape parades, Bob Dylan’s new friends…Did anybody get a Happy Easter card? I saw them in Clintons for the first time ever last week. Bit of a strange concept if you ask me, but hey, if people will buy them you can’t blame the manufacturers 🙂