Easter’s Meaning

I just got back from seeing The Passion. It certainly lived up to its violent reputation: at least one group left halfway through, and possibly there was another from behind us. To be honest, I found the whole film somewhat pointless. Not being of a religious persuasion, it was all a bit over the top. Obviously nobody should be treated the way this man was, but I’m not convinced somebody would have survived getting to the cross after that kind of prolonged brutality (and if you are religious, he cheated in the end too.) I’m not denying Jesus’ massive influence on the course of human history, and it seems certain there is a historical basis to the man himself, but the son of an all-powerful deity? You can’t discount the possiblity, but it’s way down there with him being the son of a time-travelling Elvis. Aaaanyway, it was an appropriate film to see this weekend, and I got to see the new Troy trailer, which looked substantially better than the last one!

Also appropriate to the religious overtones of the Easter break is The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown (I’m not going to link to the Amazon page as the reviews will probably give away plot points.) Books Etc. etc. have it for about £4 in paperback, and I found it a fascinating and highly enjoyable adventure. Take a look at this image. It’s Da Vinci’s Last Supper. Pretty much the most famous religious painting ever created, it appears in all manner of historical and religious books. Now, both before and after first looking at this, I had a fairly good idea what supposedly went on at the last supper: Jesus plus thirteen disciples, washing feet, predicting betrayal, holy grail chalice, various other mumbo-jumbo. So take a look at the person to the left of Jesus (our left, not his). Notice anything odd? If you’re intrigued, I suggest you read the book rather than doing any further research on the Net. It’s just more fun that way 🙂 The book is all based around historical fact, as well as being a great story. Recommended by me.