April Amusuments

I love April Fool’s Day 🙂 I had so much fun this morning it was ridiculous. For evidence, see here and here. If I’m found dead in my room tonight it’ll be down to Lynsey. I always like trying to spot the many silly articles around the Net today. I’m not entirely sure about this one though…I can’t see Google claiming something like this then retracting it, but 1gb?! Also see the other languages supported…Nook-nekh!

Mum woke me up early this morning to say that a client of mine had phoned and would be calling around in half an hour’s time to talk to me. I’m ashamed to say I didn’t realise for a while. Radio 2 were reporting France and Germany’s announcement of their dropping the Euro and adopting Sterling. Funniest part were the old people writing in saying what a good idea this was and about time too. I’m tempted to go investigating the origins of April Fool’s Day, but it’d just be an excuse not to do my OU assignment, so I’d better sign off…

Oh yeah. lyric of the day, heard on an odd country song:

…and any one of those 1320 guitar pickers can play twice as better as I will.