Blank SPAM

I’ve been dealing with an interesting problem at a client’s recently, and finally had a chance to figure it out today. Outlook Express would drop the connection to the email server at a certain, specific, email. Only the server connection is disconnected, not the dialup. OE didn’t send any kind of delete message, so the same emails would keep getting downloaded over and over. This happened last week, and clearing out all the obvious spam emails via mail2web solved it. This morning it recurred and I had more time to play.

Turns out it was disconnecting after downloading an email with a blank subject and blank body. Apparently Norton Internet Security’s SPAM filter couldn’t cope with this, and so was terminating the connection. Bizarrely said email seems to have no headers, so I’m thinking that Norton may have proactively wiped them while it was still on the server, or something. In any case, POPFile is now running and Norton’s Antispam module is disabled. Hopefully that’ll fix it.