Useless Critics

I was listening to the radio in the shower this morning. Despite it only being 10 O’Clock, the Michael Parkinson show was on, a regular part of which is the ‘entertainment guide’ in which they review various films, DVDs and TV programmes. As with most such shows it tends to be a load of garbage and I generallly switch it off, but today I couldn’t be bothered. Reviewer Eve Pollard has come out with some gems on this show:

“My DVD of the week is An American Werewolf In London. Now I don’t actually have a DVD player [insert some comment about not understanding new technology] but I saw the VHS last week and it was really good”

“I now finally have a DVD player, so am reviewing [I can’t remember which film]. However I obviously didn’t have it connected up properly as I didn’t get any picture, there was only the sound. However I listened to the whole thing and it seemed good.”

The above may not have been her exact words, but give you the the idea. At this point, I should add a little background. My favourite TV show of all time is The West Wing. It rocks. I own all the available DVDs and actually watch them, unlike my X-Files DVD collection. Channel 4 started showing series one when we were in college, and I’ve been hooked ever since. C4 always run the next series immediately afterward on E4. So when series two ended, three started on E4 the next week. Series three finished on terresterial last summer, and E4 showed series four, which as far as I know ended around christmas time. I like to leave a gap between series, so have only watched the shows which have been shown on terrestrial, so I’ve seen up until the end of series three. Series four is worryingly AWOL: in past years the new series has always started around the end of february on terrestrial, but not this time. This is annoying, but I don’t mind waiting.

A common problem with US TV shows is that they’ve generally already finished in the US by the time they hit UK TV, so there’s always the risk of seeing a spoiler. I’ve tried to avoid anything to do with West Wing, but I saw a headline last year that gave away something major in series four. It’s irritating, but these things happen. Ok, end of background. Back to the Parkinson reviewer.

Today it wasn’t Eve. The Man Whose Name I Can’t Remember Right Now reviewed Monster, then moved onto his DVD of the week. It was West Wing Series Three. He started talking about it and within five seconds had given away the aforementioned spoiler. The dumbass was talking about series four, despite this being the series three box set. He obviously hadn’t even bothered look at the DVD he was reviewing, and presumably was just assuming it was the most recent series he’d seen on E4. What A Dick. I turned the radio off before anything more was given away. To be fair, he may have realised his mistake later, but I doubt it. Grrrr.