Eat My Links

At Nod‘s request, I’ve added a ‘Short Stories’ link to the panel, as well as something I wrote for an assignment late last year.

HardOCP pointed me towards this review of the ‘Showshifter’ PVR software. As the [H] said, it’s certainly worth a look as an example of how not to review a product 🙂 EDIT: As Simon pointed out, it’s now offline. Odd that.

NASA today hit Mach 7, breaking the speed record. Pah. A trifle. I won’t be happy unless the speed of light barrier is broken while I’m still of an age to go travelling in space. Get working, Ben.

A question I shall ponder: “how does liking green mean you’re horny?” There must be a reason…

If you want to read something that’ll really annoy you, may I suggest this article. Someone’s trying to get attention by claiming NASA is unable to ‘disentangle the evidence from their religious worldview’. Apparently we’re all assuming that evolution must have had a role in life on Mars. We should be seriously looking at the possibilty that God created life there too. Perhaps she should worry about proving God’s existence on our own planet before looking elsewhere. It’s not like it’d be difficult. I’ve often wondered how people can still think this way, and recently I discovered Richard Dawkins’ Viruses of the Mind. It’s a fascinating article that may explain why these kind of ideas still exist in modern society. I highly recommend it if you get a spare fifteen minutes, as it’s made me think more than anything else I’ve read this year.

I went off on a religious tirade, didn’t I. Sorry…I shouldn’t read creationist propaganda when I’m tired!