Cheap Monitors

If you’re after a cheap 17″ CRT, I recommend the ‘dabsvalue’ model from I’ve had a couple of these and have found them to be pretty good, given that they retail for £70 or so. The screen image occasionally flexes when a large portion of the image changes at once, but the quality of the picture is great. I took a chance on the Tekheads 17″ Monitor this weekend and found it to be just about ok. I had to turn the contrast down before text was sharp at 1024 x 768 @ 85hz, and the dot pitch isn’t as low (er…high…er…good) as the dabsvalue one anyway. If you’ve got the money, though, it’s certainly worth paying a bit more and getting something decent. Huh. I was going to link to my monitors then…but they’re not for sale any more. And NEC/Mitsubishi don’t seem to have an equivalent model any more. How odd.

That windowsupdate DNS problem I mentioned has resolved itself over the weekend, btw

Incidentally, I’ve always wanted a DVD player that can handle 5.1 jpegs…(how much? HOW much?! Do they know how much I paid for my first DVD player?! That’s sickening.)