Random Restarts

Do you remember a while ago I mentioned I was having random restarts? Well some website gave me the idea of turning off the ‘Automatically restart after system failure’ option in the ‘Startup and Recovery’ section of the ‘System’ control panel. I did this, and last night came downstairs to find a BSOD. The problem was in ‘fwdrv.sys’, which after a little investigation turns out to be related to Kerio, the firewall I was using before Norton. Firstly, it’s interesting that it looks like this was causing the reboots, so I’ve totally uninstalled it; secondly, I’m not sure how it was still running at all given that I disabled the service and removed the startup entry…though I suppose it’s not surprising that a firewall would have its hooks in many places. Anyway, just thought I’d post here in case any of you were suffering from the same problem.