It’s Friday!

I’ve just been swearing at a computer that refuses to download from Windows Update. Turns out that ‘’ – the location of the files – has disappeared from my ISPs DNS entries. Adding it manually to the hosts file solves the problem. It’s still weird though. I have noticed that has returned after being nuked by MSBlast(?) last year, so maybe it’s just DNS entries refreshing. In any case, if you have any problems you may want to try googling for a recent ip address. Also, c:\windows\windows update.log is a very useful file for diagnosing problems 🙂

Kate’s coming back today / tomorrow (depends on traffic). w00t!

It’s the finale of Sex and the City this evening. I remember watching the first episode: it doesn’t seem like that long ago! I didn’t like the show particularly and I only tuned in occasionally over the course of its six series…only recently have I started to find it very funny. I think I’ve grown into it, rather than the show changing in any way. I’ve got something else I want to say, but I’ll save it until after the finale has aired.

Ben very kindly gave me a lift to the garage today and I picked my car up successfully this time. It seems, so far, so be ok! They also cleaned it for me, which was great as somebody apparently radioed for a starling air strike last weekend.

I still don’t have UT2K4 then. Hmph. Oh well, I don’t mind waiting that much.

This comic amused me muchly yesterday…As did this one, for reasons I can’t quite put my finger on.

Oh, and you have to admit this is pretty damn funny. The slashdot crowd are nearly orgasmic in their fury. Actually, can you be orgasmic in anger? I’m not going to think about that one too much.