Sparky’s Magic Shudder

Well, I went back to the garage to pick the car up. Jane took me in, and we went and sat in it for a while to see whether the problem was around today, since it apparently went away yesterday. After a minute or two it started shuddering as before, so I went and grabbed a mechanic. He didn’t appear to be very interested in the shaking and insisted on revving the engine a lot and feeling some component of the engine at high revs. I suppose he knew what he was doing! Anyway, he said that it was probably the spark plugs and that they’d replace them. They’re wear-and-tear objects, aren’t covered under the insurance, so it cost me £50! I’ve left the car with them; they’ll give me a call tomorrow. Thing is, when my Ford Garage clients had a look they said it was an electrical problem…I like to think they’d have said if it was the spark plugs, as presumably they could have changed those for me (?). We’ll see tomorrow, I’m hoping it’ll all be sorted.

I also sent an email to Egg asking what I should do about the two refunds. Just when I thought I was all done with O2!

The TiVo is all up and running, I’m happy to say. Quality is pretty good – not as high as digital tv, but that’d be pushing it. Pausing live tv is fun ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m probably going to upgrade the hard drive at some point – the standard 40gb drive can hold 12 hours at ‘Best’ quality, which, me being me, is the only one I’m happy with ๐Ÿ™‚ 120gb HDs can be had for £50-£60, which will certainly be worth it if the unit gets used enough.

Anyway I must be off, Astronomy beckons.