Evening Thoughts

Ben came over today and we managed to fix Max Payne! Going back a driver revision sorted it. I’ll try the 56.06(?)s once they come out, see if that makes any difference. We also managed to solve various other niggly problems my computer’s been having…Amazing how two minds work better than one (pah, it was Ben all the way, really 🙂 ).

I know of no better bad-guy-death-scene than the finale of The Long Kiss Goodnight.

Ed has returned! Go pay his site a visit and test out the comments system. Given that uni is now over for a bit, will we also be seeing the return of Baguetter’s? I am hoping so…Also be sure to check out the Bonafide Blog Of Bagpuss, which I am assured will now be updated on a regular basis 🙂

I’m expecting this coming week to be a good one, as I’m awaiting various interesting parcels, as well as Kate coming home at the end. Whenever I say things like this events have a habit of not going as planned, so I may well have just put a jinx on myself. I don’t believe in jinxs, however, so that means there’s someone out there willfully causing me problems. Logically, the only people with the power to do such a thing would be MI6. That means I’m being groomed for the secret service. But I’ve just figured it out, and posted it on a public forum! So that’s screwed them. Does that mean I pass the test and the fact that I posted means it’ll seem even more unlikely I’m really a spy? Or will they just have to kill me? Tune in tomorrow for the exciting conclusion. I now return you to tonight’s broadcast: Dogs and Their Knitting 3: Attack of the Titanium Killer 50-Metre Cross-Stitch.