Max Payne Is Corrupt!

I’ve been having various graphics-related problems recently, and today has been my first real go at solving them. Basically, Max Payne 2 is unplayable. Parts of the image, including walls and and 3D objects (but not Max himself), flicker on and off very quickly. You can’t see what the hell’s going on. I get a similar problem in the UT2K4 demo, but nothing like so bad. Things disappear for a frame or two every so often, but the game is generally playable. I can see the same occasional flickering in the dxdiag rotating cube (only dx8 and upwards I think.) I’ve discovered that running Max in ‘software t&l’ as opposed to hardware solves the problem, but I’m not happy with that. For a start, you can’t change the T&L settings in UT2K4, and I like to know what causes these things.

Using driver cleaner I’ve completely removed both the nForce and Detonator drivers, and reinstalled them from scratch. This hasn’t helped. I’ve checked all the driver versions in the control panel, and they’re all definitely the latest. I also reinstalled directx, but still nothing. I’ve tried a registry cleaner too. So I’m a bit stuck now.

It could conceivably be a hardware problem, but it seems unlikely. I see no problems in Half-Life, Prince of Persia or Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project, but do in UT2K3. Has anybody got any ideas?