21 Days Early

I spent much of yesterday trying to implement a command-line virus scanner at the level of my mail server, rather than require the workstations to do all the work. I couldn’t do it in the end, but in the process I asked Ben to email me a copy of the eicar.org virus test file. This is a standard file that all the major virus companies will pick up as a virus for test purposes, but in fact has no malicious code. His first attempt to email it to me failed, as the Oxford servers picked it up and bounced the mail back to him. We managed it eventually, but today Ben’s computer was blocked from the Oxford network due to the virus that had originated from it! Thankfully he didn’t need access today, but I imagine it must have been inconvenient, so many apologies! To make up for it, here’s a picture of me looking silly.

Having posted this picture, it seems extremely likely that many of you ladies will be wanting to contact me*. Well, my mobile number was transferred yesterday, so you don’t even need to find out any new info. How great is that!

Things that have caught my eye in the news recently include George Michael planning to release new music for free via the net…this is perhaps a very shrewd move when you read things like this. If you’re running Outlook 2002 you may want to get patched up, as may users of MSN Messenger. If you haven’t seen The Hubble Ultra Deep Field yet, you really should, it’s pretty amazing. The faintest light source on the image was coming in at the rate of 1 photon per minute!

Having seen the trailer, I have absoloutely no idea what to make of Sky Captain and the World Of Tomorrow. I’ve been meaning to catch the Starsky & Hutch trailer for a while…and now I have. Well, maybe it’ll surprise me. Not that I know anything about anything, but the Troy trailer doesn’t do much for me either. Which is annoying, as I’ve been looking forward to that one. The director’s Wolfgang Petersen, who also made In The Line Of Fire and Air Force One. I liked both of those, so hopefully the final film will be better.

*Disclaimer: I am a taken man, so any attempts to seduce me will be met with failure. Many have tried.