Netiquette and Lack Thereof

My friend Ed was criticised, flamed and viciously insulted yesterday over a post on his site. I’ve known Ed for a long time, and I’m guessing this will have really got to him. Let me be clear: there is no basis for any of the statements made against him. Ed is, in all seriousness, one of the most thoughtful and considerate people I’ve ever come across. He would never dream of criticising something he knew nothing about, it’s just not in his nature. He did nothing wrong: the fault lies entirely with the other party (If you want to know the circumstances, see the posts here and here.) Ed, being the nice guy that he is, apologised and subsequently received a tawdry ‘we can be friends now’ reply. It should be Ed who receives the apology.

The guy who took exception to Ed’s comment, NekkidRadio owner ‘DJ Bouncer Dan’, has made himself look unpleasant, ill-informed, rude and arrogant. His behaviour was that of a child in a playground, and would not be acceptable in that situation. It is certainly not the way in which grown-ups should behave. I like to think that he was caught on an off day, but nevertheless I’ll certainly be avoiding his radio station if this is any indication of the ideas it is founded upon.