Rooting Routers

I’m annoyed. Oh, yes I am. Annoyed annoyed annoyed.

I was at a client’s from 15:30 today; I needed to replace the ADSL modem with an ethernet-ported model, then connect this to an 8-port router that replaced the existing hub. Easy peasy you’d think, but noooo. The network was in use all day, so I did little jobs for a few hours. It finally became available at 18:40, though the whole place was due to close at 19:30 and they like me to be out of the building by 19:15. So I plug in the ADSL modem, connect it to the router, disable the existing ICS setup and reboot.

It doesn’t work. Nothing abnormal here; in fact it’s rare that anything networky does work first time – there are too many variables. But after much playing around with router settings, it still doesn’t work. By this time it’s 19:00. Cue uncharacteristic volleys of expletion. After some digging, it seems that the ADSL modem I so cunningly purchased has a built in router of its own. This was screwing things up somewhat. But even after that, no joy. So in the end I removed it all and replaced the old setup. It didn’t work like it had done before. But then I had to leave. So I spent five hours making things worse, and now will have to go back tomorrow. Great.