I’ve had two communications from O2 today. Firstly there was a letter telling me that:

Despite previous reminders you have chosen to ignore our attempts to resolve this seriously overdue debt.

Please be advised that the relevant paperwork is now being prepared for the issue of a County Court Summons […]

You have five days from the date of this letter to avoid this action.

This didn’t particularly worry me now that Egg are on my side, but further down the letter it said:

Information regarding the non-payment has been passed to a credit reference agency.

I heard the Jeremy Vine financial expert talking about this the other day, and he was saying how this kind of problem can disrupt any kind of credit for years. Given that chances are I’ll be wanting a mortgage within a few years, I was a bit worried by this. I was about to write them a letter back when an email turned up:

After much deliberation O2 Online have decided to close the account number 1000313136 registered in your name.

Regrettably it is not cost effective for us to pursue the whereabouts of the original order or the identity of the user that has made a large number of calls on this account.

Bearing this information in mind, I have contacted the relevant department to ensure that the necessary refunds are applied to both clear the account and refund the handset. This should occur within the next 28-days and I do hope this meets with your approval.

I offer my apologies for any inconvenience this matter may have caused you, although do hope that you can understand our position.

Woohoo!! I quickly sent a copy of this to the bill-collecting department. Phew! Though I certainly won’t be using them again, it’s good that they came around in the end. And they were at least polite 🙂 I’m so glad I don’t have to worry about that any more! On a related note, I yesterday got a PAC code from Singlepoint and gave it to Orange; hopefully my number will be transferred soon and I won’t have to worry about mobile phones for at least a good few months!