Things I Have DiscoveredIn The Last Day or Two

  1. There is no good time to demonstrate the use of binoculars. Invariably there will be sombody attractive walking past / people looking out of windows / policemen.
  2. Meat Loaf’s ‘A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste’ sounds superb when played very loudly as you drive down the motorway.
  3. BT do not supply an ADSL modem with an ethernet port as standard for business installations. Also, you can’t change an existing email address to use their SMTP server as they reject it if the return address lacks a BT domain name.
  4. Coronation Street still has the capacity to raise a tear.
  5. The Daily Mail, following Ken Livingstone’s lowering of bus fares in the early eighties, published an editorial stating that this was the first step towards a completely communist state.
  6. Newton’s theory of Calculus was for hundreds of years very very annoying due to the fact it used an illegal mathematical operation yet never failed to produce the correct answer.
  7. Clouds are annoying at night.
  8. I don’t understand why the fact that the Earth tilts causes the seasons. So there’s a tilt – the Sun is still 150,000,000 kilometres away, the percentage difference in distance must be tiny.
  9. Raymond Blanc is a chef.
  10. Catherine from CSI is going to be in trouble before long.