Money Money Money

As regards the time of the weekend I didn’t spend half-asleep, Kate and I saw The Missing at the cinema, as well as catching a film on tv that I’d never heard of: Don’t Throw Momma From The Train. Both were very entertaining.

I spent too much money on Saturday. I’ve been looking at getting a telescope, but every advice page anywhere says that binoculars are the way to go. For the amateur, they’re much easier to use and carry around. If you’re still interested after that then you should start looking at telescopes. Binoculars are defined in two ways: their length (focal length) and the size of the lenses (the aperture). Apparently 7 (the aperture) x 50 (the focal length) or 10×50 are the best for astronomical purposes. So while in York we had a look in the local camera shop. They had a pair of 7×50 in the window, but for £180. I think not. I wasn’t desperate to get any, so thought I’d see what kind of prices they are on the Internet. Later on, however, we walked past Jessops, so popped in. They had three 10x50s. One by Jessops for £40, a Pentax for £60 and a Minolta for £80. The assistant said that he’d show me all three, but that I’d narrow it down to two very quickly. He was correct. He let me go wandering up the street with them all, providing I left Kate behind as a deposit. The Jessops ones weren’t that great, and as the assistant put them back in to the box he described them as ‘nasty’. The Pentax and the Minolta were closer, but I finally went with the latter as they felt more robust, as well as being totally waterproof. When he rang them up at the till, however, they were slightly different from the model in the catalogue and came to £100. I went for them anyway. These are the pair I bought. I’m not even going to think about how $89.99 translates into pounds, especially with the current exchange rate! Thankfully the cheapest I can find them on UK sites is £90, and I imagine postage would bump that up. I have yet to try them out with stars, but shall have a go later tonight, providing it’s clear.

Checking my bank account today took the worry away from the above purchase, however, as Egg have apparenly agreed with me and refunded me my £200 from the O2 dispute! So O2 and I are now even, though they’ll probably be chasing me before long. I got my monthly online bill from them over the weekend, incidentally. Last month: £275.05, this month: £274.24. Excluding the stupidity of this high a bill for a phone I’ve never owned, how on Earth does it go down 81p?! Some kind of reverse interest charges, maybe?