An Enjoyable Evening

I’ve been pretty busy with OU recently so haven’t had much time to watch the films from my DVD club, but tonight I finally got round to watching Pleasantville. I enjoyed it very much, I’d definitely recommend it. At one point the perfect suburban streets made me think of The Stepford Wives, and I remembered that I’d heard rumblings of a Nicole Kidman film version a few years back. It was just a quick thought, but just now when I went to my favourite trailer site to find a link to the Pleasantville trailer (which I can’t, btw), what do I see on the front page? The Stepford Wives, starring Nicole Kidman. How odd šŸ™‚ Not that I know anything about her, really, but I like to see Nicole Kidman doing well. It’s pretty damn rough having your husband and father of your children leave you for a younger woman, and when he’s the most famous film star in the world and the newspapers knew about it before you did…geez. So when she won the oscar last year I was most pleased šŸ™‚ On her first tv interview after the divorce she was asked what she planned to do. Her answer: wear heels.