A Disappointing Morning

Moving onto today, I had a kak morning. The first tutorial for my Astronomy course was today at Worcester Sixth Form College, from 10:30-12:30, so I left at about 09:45. The tutor had previously said that we had to be on time. I’d been told to head for Spetchley Road, which I found by about 10:20. I didn’t know any more than that, except that the College was off that road. I spotted a College sign directing me down the road and relaxed; I wasn’t going to be late.

Except the road promptly ended 300m later. The only turn off was into an estate with many collegy-type-looking buildings, but the sign at the front said it was Council Offices. Nevertheless, the documentation had said to head to the right to find the visitor’s car park, and that was the direction the road went. Also, there was nowhere else it could be. So I drove around the estate for a while, but couldn’t see any signs that said anything other than coucil related buildings. After taking a while to figure out which road would take me back out the way I came in, I went back up and down the road and came to the same conclusion. There wasn’t anywhere else it could be. After another tour of the council buildings I was getting pretty wound up, which didn’t help. It was getting late, too.

Eventually I left via a different exit and came around for another trip down the road. This time I spotted something. There was a small track going off to the left, directly opposite the College sign directing me further down Spetchley Road. An idea occured to me and a few expletives and a quick turn-around later my hypothesis proved to be correct. Some helpful person had turned the sign around 90 degrees. The college itself wasn’t that big, and wasn’t visible at all from the road. I hadn’t even thought of looking out for it before this sign, anyway.

Unfortunately by this time it was 10:53 or so, and all the doors I tried were locked. So that was a waste of a morning. The tutorial wasn’t compulsory, but I was looking forward to having a few queries clarified. I can still do that via the OU online conference software, though.